Annistown Road Baptist Church


The teen years are not a vacation from responsibility.  

They are a pivotal time where our future leaders develop their faith and identity. We believe that all students are capable of doing great things when they redefine the expectations placed on them.Our ministry exists to challenge students to take ownership of their faith by building genuine relationships: first with Jesus and then with others. We believe that it is important that students learn to show others that they are loved by Jesus through the way that they interact and love on one another.



The Porch

Whether your student is struggling with their faith or passionately seeking the Lord, The Porch is a place that allows students to express themselves as they experience passionate worship and practical teachings. We encourage that your student come early and hang out for free food and games. 


Connect Groups

Ignite Groups are a weekly event that takes students deeper in their faith through practical teaching and helping our students to think Biblically in response to the issues they face in the world today. Ignite takes place on Sunday mornings. For more information on times and location, check out the Events page.



Upcoming Events

Parent Involvement

Middle School and High School can be trying times for parents as their students transition to independence and adulthood. The greatest impact that you can have is through your constant support and outpouring of love. We encourage you to get involved in our weekly studies and events as we work with the next generation.

If you would be interested in volunteering for any of our current or upcoming events, please fill out this form.